A Day In The Life…

This is currently the best I can do for my friend. If anyone stumbles across the blog; Cancer Girl Problems (cancergirlproblems.wordpress.com) – THIS IS A FRAUDULENT BLOG. The person who created the blog is NOT the real Chelsea. The real Chelsea is indeed very ill and still in the hospital undergoing chemo and blood/platelet transfusions … Continue reading

Angel Story Snippet

Remember that angel story I went off about a while back? All about Raziel and reincarnations and blah blah blah? Here’s a snippet – or maybe a teaser. Whatever you wanna call it. Either way, I hope it captures your attention. That’s why I write after all; to entertain. — “Listen to me! You will not … Continue reading

Elemental Snippets

I was inspired suddenly by some epic E.S. Posthumus and wrote these tiny little snippets. Part of my elemental series that maybe one day I’ll lay out. It’s kinda complicated – to me, lol. Totally having issues figuring it out completely. Anyways; here you go. Main inspirational song: “Elba” by E.S. Posthumus. — Rylee stumbled along the barren … Continue reading

More Vampires

Add a bit more to “Vampire in Progress”! It’s only a small amount, but hopefully more to come tonight or tomorrow.

Prologue and Ratings

If anyone was interested in the demon story – I’ve added the prologue. It’s attached to “The Rising” under “Absolutely Frivolous”. Which, if this keeps up, I’ll probably separate that story from my frivolous page. Also, I went through the settings and added a ratings thing you can do for those pages with my writings! I … Continue reading

Raziel: Angel of Mysteries

Alright. I figure it’s time to tell whoever reads this about my Angels story in the making. Reason being; I’ve been writing notes and sifting through information on Archangels, Guardian Angels and Fallen Angels all fucking night. I do have the outline to this novella in my head and desperately need to get it into a Word document as … Continue reading

Navigation and Upcoming

Just in case you are not aware; you wanna click those titles up there to get to the first pages (like for the first part of Love Next Door – gotta click that title) and then the drop down pages are either more stories, or second parts. Z-Day Chronicles is it’s own blog linked to this … Continue reading

A small chunk of fantasy

I added a little scene from my demon story under Absolutely Frivolous. The story is about half-demons trying to keep the pureblooded fucked-in-the-head demons from killing all the humans. Well, it’s the basic plot of the book. This, I think, would just be a single novel, nothing like a series or whatnot. Check it out, … Continue reading

Changes to Zombie Story

I discovered how to make a blog look more or less like a book/manuscript! Therefore, I immediately created another WordPress blog for my zombie story which I’ve recently named; “Z-Day Chronicles”. For those who are interested, this will be a series, beginning with Rebecca’s Story and I’m not sure how many books will be in … Continue reading