Short Story

Added the first chapter of my short story “Love Next Door” – about some high school kids in love and whatnot. XD Lmao, I don’t make my stories sound all that amazing. Anyone good with summarizing? We should talk. <3


Posted up something short with my vampire, Juniper, under Absolutely Frivolous. Mm, that name might change – or I’ll just call her June for short.

Funny Poem

I was reading up on some of my poetry I wrote back in high school and found the one below. Since I fell out of my chair laughing from how idiotic it is; I felt the need to share. Join in on the laughter! So many colors; So many tastes. So many covers; So many … Continue reading

Lez Begin~

There comes a time in every woman’s life where she must find something that makes her feel important. Something she can boast about, and pretend that she is the best of that particular “thing”. Well, I’m doing no such thing. I just feel the need and want to have more people read my writings and … Continue reading