There’s no telling exactly what came over her. The girl wanted comfort and a distraction – she realized exactly where she could have both. Her hands shot up to Adrien’s face, pulling him down to kiss her. His body seemed to stiffen for a moment, stunned that Piper had taken the initiative. A moment later, his hands dropped from her shoulders to her waist, and one slid around the back of her neck and into her hair. Their kiss deepened, pulling a soft moan from Piper. Her hands moved through his hair, down his shoulders until she found the opening of his cloak and she pushed it from his shoulders.

The kiss broke, Adrien speaking against her lips; “Piper, what…?”

The cloak was tossed to the ground, Adrien’s arms going back around her instantly when Piper pulled him back to her. Her voice came out in a hoarse whisper, desperate almost; “Don’t stop kissing me, Adrien, please.”

Their mouths crushed together again and Adrien listened to her, their kiss returning to the frenzied hunger that suddenly rushed through them. Her own cloak discarded to the floor and his hands glided under her shirt. Goosebumps rose all over her skin. This is what Piper wanted, to focus completely on him. Adrien made everything else fall away. The world could be burning down around them and neither would notice. Her fingers skipped down the front of Adrien’s shirt, unraveling buttons from fabric until his bare chest was available to her. Her hands drifted up and down the length of his torso, and she almost shuddered in delight. Adrien swiftly bound an arm around her and lifted – Piper responding by locking her legs around his waist. He carried her across the room and dropped her back on the bed, their lips parting for barely seconds at a time.

Everything Adrien did made liquid fire burn through her veins. His hands grazed over every inch of her body. His lips moved from her mouth to trail down her neck and traced her collar-bone. Another chill rolled up her spine. Supple moans and gasps teemed from Piper whether or not his mouth covered hers. Adrien’s shirt was abandoned; her own tossed aside long ago, revealing more to him than she ever has before. Piper wanted him. She didn’t care about anything else. His lips and teeth grazed her shoulder and Piper dropped her hand to his waistband, hooking a finger through a single belt loop and she tugged him against her. “Adrien…”

“Piper…” her name transpired as a growl and he pressed himself against her, drawing a louder moan from her. Her hands wrapped around his back, his muscles shifting underneath her palms and Piper found her nails digging into his back.

“Adrien, please…” her voice came out as a whimper in his ear and he reacted immediately. The rest of their clothes peeled away and there was only the briefest of hesitations, Piper’s hands held his face, and those golden eyes bore into blue ones when he pressed himself inside her.

A deep gasp resounded from her, her back arching faintly as her entire body responded to him. Adrien’s heavy breaths were against her skin sending chills up her spine; “Piper” fell from his lips in the same desperate manner as she clung to him. Everywhere his skin grazed hers heated the fire in her veins to sweltering. His torso lifted away from her, allowing one hand to glide over her breasts, the other smoothed down her curves until he reached her thigh. Evoking her leg up and forward, Adrien hooked his arm behind her knee, the motion driving more pleasure through her.

Piper lashed at the blanket beneath them, balling the cotton in her fists. The fruition surging through her body was known by the lusty moans passing her lips. Her body quivered under his touch and his own adulations reached out to her, managing to heighten the pleasure more. Adrien released her leg, using that arm to press against the small of her back and disentangled her from the bedding. Piper braced her hands to his shoulders when she straddled him, feverishly grinding against him. His arms banded around her, mouth covering her breasts and her nails dug into his shoulder while her other hand laced through his hair.

Adrien writhed underneath her, intensifying her pleasure as it built up, inching towards her peak. His hands brought her mouth to his, muffling her voice and the kiss broke with both of them breathless, both clutching the other and moaning their name. Piper’s head tipped back, her body arcing against him – then Adrien rolled her under him, turning her subtle moans emphatic. One of his hands trapped hers above her head and he drove into her faster, harder. Piper cried out his name when her climax rippled through her, gasps following until Adrien’s body shuddered against her, her name on his lips.



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