About the Author

Wanna know a secret? I have TERRIBLE grammar and spelling, but I make it work. Like a man with a small penis.

I’ve decided to create this thing for purpose of sharing my stories I’m consistently creating and writing. Sure, one day I’d adore to be published and famous, but that ideal isn’t remotely reachable until I conquer my embarrassment over my writing. In order to do that; I’m sharing. Holy shit, I’m sharing my writing with everyone.

First I have to say that I write A LOT; something that I’ve never truly shared before. It is a hobby of mine that I don’t typically run around screaming about. There are many friends – after I began to open up about the fact that I write – who stare at me all wide-eyed; “DAFUQ, U RITE?! (O_O) I WANNA REED!”

You ALL wanna read something.

I tend to pick and choose the people I share my stories with because I’m a tad nervous to boast my writings to mass amounts of people. The routine fear of everyone laughing and saying my writing is shit is fairly prominant in me. I have boxes stuffed full of spirals (1-subject to 5-subjects), yellow and white notepads, binders with loose leaf papers – by god, you name it and I have it coated with words in unstable handwriting. The majority of them are absolute nonsensical stories (just random crap), or fan fictions which I will definitely list somewhere if anyone is curious. My first story ever, one of three I’ve completed, is a story from the POV of a dog on the Titanic.

Mmhmm, you read that right. From the POV of a dog (pretty sure I made it a Scottish Terrier) on the Titanic. I was nine, okay? And I read the story aloud to my fourth grade class. I’m still not sure if they were laughing because my story was funny or retarded. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find that spiral with the story, so I can’t share it. But I tell you; t’was epic.

I’m certain I’ve been writing since I was taught how to hold a pencil. My right hand constantly cramps up, and I’m sure some carpal tunnel has cropped up in these hands. Oh god, and as soon as I discovered Microsoft Word and the Internet – well, the point is I’ve been writing my entire life and only recently decided to fully share this side of me with more than ten-ish people. On top of my short stories, novels-in-the-making, smut, and fan fictions; I role play online. If you’re unsure about what I mean by role playing (text) – Wiki is your best friend. Role playing is also another side of me that I fairly recently began to share with others – another thing I’ve been embarrassed about for years… I’ve been role playing since I was eleven, and guess what I role play? Harry Potter (mostly). FUCK yes.



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