Navigation and Upcoming

Just in case you are not aware; you wanna click those titles up there to get to the first pages (like for the first part of Love Next Door – gotta click that title) and then the drop down pages are either more stories, or second parts. Z-Day Chronicles is it’s own blog linked to this one, so when you check that out – you gotta click that link to get to it.

As for news on my stories… I’m just about finished with Love Next Door – if I’m awesome enough, I’ll be sending that story in to a short story competition with Writer’s Digest. Of course, my broke ass has to come up with $30 for that, but I’m sure it’ll work out somehow. Z-Day Chronicles is on hold for a bit. My vampire story is on hold indefinitely at the moment (I need to outline that shit) BUT I will be updating more on my Demons story, The Rising, and I’m about to begin typing up my Angels story. The Angel story is currently taking up three sections of a five-subject spiral notebook, heh.

So anyways! As always, leave me some feedback if you can and thanks for reading, my darlings. ^_^


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