A Day In The Life…

This is currently the best I can do for my friend.

If anyone stumbles across the blog; Cancer Girl Problems (cancergirlproblems.wordpress.com) – THIS IS A FRAUDULENT BLOG. The person who created the blog is NOT the real Chelsea. The real Chelsea is indeed very ill and still in the hospital undergoing chemo and blood/platelet transfusions as often as needed. Those journal entries on there? Fake. The kids? Not hers. The real Chelsea does not have children. What she does have is an amazing support system, but clearly not from the person who started that blog.


It has come to Chelsea and her family’s knowledge that the person who has set this blog up has also set up a Paypal account to accept donations on behalf of helping to pay Chelsea’s medical expenses and so forth. It’s believed that the “donations” may have been used selfishly and not for Chelsea. If ANYONE following this blog has done so – action is currently be taken to sort this mess out. Currently, I’m not comfortable placing out any contact lines directly to the real Chelsea or her family themselves, so please contact me at hod0289@hotmail.com if there are any questions or concerns on this matter. Especially if you are one of many that have fallen head over heels for this fraud.

Thank you for your time! PLEASE reblog this so the word can get out until that blog is deleted. Thank you!


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