Angel Story Snippet

Remember that angel story I went off about a while back? All about Raziel and reincarnations and blah blah blah? Here’s a snippet – or maybe a teaser. Whatever you wanna call it. Either way, I hope it captures your attention. That’s why I write after all; to entertain.

“Listen to me! You will not make it, do you understand?!”

His voice echoed in the distance off the mountains that surrounded us. My heart pounded roughly in my chest and my eyes burned with tears. They were getting closer, I could feel it. Their rotting wings had a scent you could smell from a mile away and it scared the living shit out of me. If I’m caught, Heaven will fall into the hands of those who don’t deserve it.

Rough hands lifted to cup my face and he leaned down, pressing his mouth forcefully against mine. Pulling back just enough to look at me, his lips parted to speak but those gorgeous blue eyes suddenly focused over my head. I spun quickly, spotting what had stolen his attention. Even if I hadn’t turned, the smell that accosted my nose would’ve given them away.

Rotting black wings, a build no mortal man could hold and a dark gaze that pierced straight through me – a Fallen.

Micah gripped my shoulders and spun me around abruptly, putting his back to the Fallen that climbed the mountain. Again, his rough hands grasp my face and kissed me a second time. A rushed, desperate kiss – one that said a thousand things he couldn’t. I understood what he was trying to say and I didn’t like it. My hands lifted and gripped at his torn shirt, trying to pull him closer. My strength is nothing compared to him though and my attempt failed when the kiss broke and his hands dropped to pry mine from his shirt.

“You have to go.”

“I’m not leaving you, Micah.”

His eyes narrowed, but not in anger – in pain; “Don’t be foolish.”

“I’m not being foolish!”

Hands still gripping mine tightly, Micah leaned forward to speak softly in my ear; “Time to find your wings, Sophie.”

Then, he shoved me off the cliff.


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