Elemental Snippets

I was inspired suddenly by some epic E.S. Posthumus and wrote these tiny little snippets. Part of my elemental series that maybe one day I’ll lay out. It’s kinda complicated – to me, lol. Totally having issues figuring it out completely. Anyways; here you go.

Main inspirational song: “Elba” by E.S. Posthumus.

Rylee stumbled along the barren field. There wasn’t a building in sight for miles, but that wasn’t what she was focusing on. Her hand held fast to the ragged shirt she wore, fist pressing against her abdomen, just above her belly button. Under her tightened fist was pain, excruciating pain. It caused her to gasp heaving breaths. Bladder, intestines, stomach, heart – all her organs were burning like acid in her body. Rylee’s steps faltered, sending her crashing to her knees with one hand slapping the ground to brace herself. The last thing she wanted to do was collapse completely. No, she needed help.

But that was impossible. No one knew she was here. No one knew her powers or what she was capable of. The teenager would have to push through this. An action that felt impossible. Cringing from the fire in her belly, Rylee let out a groan that slowly molded into a frustrated scream. It was getting worse – she couldn’t control it. In a desperate attempt to find someone, anyone, she pushed up from the ground only to slam back on her knees. Tears poured from her eyes, accompanied by growls of pain and frustration. The growls grew into sharp shouts as the fire in her belly spread, flooding every vein in her body. That was when her eyes snapped open and Rylee stared at her hands. They were on fire. On fire.

“No,” she gasped, eyes growing wide at the sight. “Don’t do this…not here…not now…”

Her body didn’t listen. The fire intensified and Rylee bit into her lower lip, teeth piercing straight through in an attempt to muffle her scream. It only caused more pain and the scream tore wildly from her throat. Simultaneously, the flames raged around her body, licking every inch of skin. The flat of her palm pressed against her stomach and Rylee screamed again and again – each one bringing a new power to the fire surrounding her body. She was melting, she had to be. That’s what it felt like. The fire was eating away at her skin, ready to leave nothing but charred bones.

 One more snippet.


She stopped dead in her tracks. The wide smile faded slowly and Rylee turned around, every muscle tensed from shock. Standing there, hardly fifty yards away –


“Rylee, stop this!”

What the hell is he doing here?! The sudden appearance of him had the dancing flames on her skin faltering. They lowered in intensity, in heat – no longer bright and almost blinding to the outside. Now, you could see a small layer of fire coating her skin, like her own visible aura. Rylee was facing him fully now, watching as he walked closer.

“Stop…” her voice wasn’t loud enough. Rylee cleared her throat; “Stop!”

He did, his entire expression contorted with fear and worry; “Rylee, you have to stop this.”

“What are you doing here?”

Brendan took another step forward, then another and she watched him carefully. Every inch of her body was begging to keep space between them. Something about this situation didn’t feel right. The closer he came, the colder she felt. Rylee didn’t want to be cold; she wanted that scorching heat her fire gave her. This was strange.

“I came to stop you, Ry.”

“We haven’t spoken in months!” Rylee suddenly shouted, causing Brendan to stop his advance. “Why the fuck are you here now?!”

Now just twenty feet away, he didn’t need to raise his voice over the wind coursing past them – Ari attempting to control the flames eating away at the buildings. Brendan didn’t pay attention to her though; he lifted his hand, palm facing upwards and extended it towards Rylee.

“I need you to take my hand.”

This time, she recoiled. The boy she’s known for years, one that she felt she loved – she was recoiling from. It made her sick to her stomach, but again; something was wrong here. Not only was every inch of her skin still coated in flames, but that icy feeling rushed over her. It was coming from him. It had to be.

“No.” Rylee took a step back as he took one forward; “Don’t get any closer to me, Brendan. Don’t you dare.”

“You have to trust me.”

His voice, so soft, so tender… It brought up memories of the past; the way he would hold her when she cried. How he’d let her rage for hours about the same topic, turning redundant after the first ten minutes. Brendan never complained and she did trust him.

Then. She trusted him then.

“I’m not going to hurt you.”

Rylee halted in the midst of her retreat, quickly regaining control over nerves. For fuck’s sake – she can control and manipulate fire! Why was she letting this boy get to her? It was ridiculous and she would have no more. The flames across her skin flared up an inch that addicting heat flooded her muscles and she almost moaned in response to the feeling. The palms of her hands were the hottest and a smirk widened on her lips, changing her features completely. No longer wary and no more fear. Brendan noticed this change immediately and he stopped hardly five feet away from her, his hand dropping from the air. With her hand ablaze in fire, Rylee mocked his gesture.

Her red tinted eyes flickered much like the flames themselves; “How about you take my hand, Brendan?”

His eyes darted to her outstretched hand and then back up to her eyes. That was when she noticed the color and it almost startled her out of her stance. They were always green before; a light green that reminded her of Spring.

Now they were dark blue, swirling like water, threatening to drown her with the intensity of his gaze.

Rylee’s eyes widened and though her stance remained strong, the rest of her system faltered; “You—“

No time to finish her sentence. Brendan dove for her hand and tightened his fingers around hers painfully. That icy cold attacked her instantly, flooding through her veins and Rylee shouted in shock. She jerked against his grip but he moved quickly, banding his other arm around her shoulders and hugging her tightly to his body.

“No Brendan! LET GO!” she screeched, her words turning into screams of pain. The cold swept over her body, killing the flames on her skin instantly as it sunk past her skin, freezing her muscles. Her heart rate slowly suddenly and her screams ceased. Rylee’s head dropped against his shoulder, gasping for air. Now she was freezing, body shaking and quivering in his arms.

It was killing her.


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