What I Write

A vast array of topics, which most, if not all, include romance. The ratings on my stories range from teen to mature. More along the lines of mature – I’m putting that out there first. Lists are nice, aren’t they? I’ll just, you know, spit it all out here.

Super Abilities
Elemental Magic
Dystopian and Utopian Societies/Worlds

That’s just the Fantasy-like side. I have TONS of fiction/”real life” stories; ones about memory loss, horror, suicide and general love stories. Forever Alone, right here. ^_~ Also, smut. Or lemons/sex stories. Okay, not full-blown erotica or anything (though I think I could pull that off), but the majority of my stories do have some sexy time thrown in there.

Sexy time – how classy.

For the fans; here’s my list of fan fictions I’ve written.

DBZ (anime)
Sailor Moon (anime)
Digimon (anime)
Witch Hunter Robin (anime)
Cowboy Bebop (anime)
X-Men (comic/cartoons/movies)
The Host (book)
Battle Royale (book)
Harry Potter (book series)
Vampire Academy (book series)
Animorphs (book series)

Intrigued? I have a one-shot and my HP fan fiction sitting at http://fanfiction.net/u/308461, but do keep in mind that I have not edited, nor read those stories in a couple of years. My writing has greatly improved from that. Also; I have written poetry, located at http://www.fictionpress.com/~HeatherFoo – I must say, I am not proud of that shit I call poetry. It’s highly angst-ridden, dramatic, epic grammar and spelling fails; it’s just not my best work. Mainly because I wrote all that shit back when I was the most dramatic, strange, angsty teenage girl who assumed her life would end in high school.

::rolls eyes:: 

Because of the “emotion” and whatnot in those poems and short stories, those are what I’m most embarrassed about. Though, I’m sharing. Unsure of why at the moment.



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