Raziel: Angel of Mysteries

Alright. I figure it’s time to tell whoever reads this about my Angels story in the making. Reason being; I’ve been writing notes and sifting through information on Archangels, Guardian Angels and Fallen Angels all fucking night. I do have the outline to this novella in my head and desperately need to get it into a Word document as soon as possible. At the moment though, I’m going psychotic on my research. I am a very Agnostic person when it comes to religion so I don’t know many stories/tales/etcetera about angels aside from Gabriel talking to Mary, Michael being an overall badass (and John Travolta), and Raphael having a hand in helping out Noah with building the ark.

So, I’ve been reading and honestly, the stories behind all of these angels seriously blow my mind. Angels including the ones you may know; Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Raziel, and Uriel (Archangels) to others such as; Jophiel, Metatron and his twin Sandalphon, Raguel, Ramiel… Then of course Azrael – if anyone has seen Dogma, you should know that guy (love to Jason Lee and Kevin Smith). I love it to death and I mean stories from SEVERAL religions, not just Christianity or Judaism (which are the two that mention angels the most I’ve discovered). The descriptions and histories of Archangels and Guardian angels that I like the most are more Judaic and from Kabbalah… Which I won’t get into the similarities between those two.

Anyways, enough of my rambling. I could go on about angels for hours. My story isn’t for those who are deeply religious and into angels, honestly. What I’ve done is taken those stories and histories of the angels and molded them into my novella. I’ve changed up a lot of things about the angels. For example; Raziel is depicted as a male in Judaic writings – in my novella, he is a she and my main character. Same goes for Gabriel (but I wouldn’t be the first to depict him as a female – Constantine anyone?) and Jophiel. Oh, and Azrael is totally in my story – all damn evil. XD

So, with that said, here’s the very lame summary I wrote for my story and yes, there’s romance in it. I’m a sap for that shit, you really have no idea.


Archangel Raziel is banished from Heaven when she gives the “Book of Raziel” to Adam and Eve, after they are exiled from the Garden of Eden in hopes to help them understand God. Her punishment: serve out one lifetime as a mortal on Earth without any of her memories; reborn as a quiet, but headstrong mortal, Sophie Daniels. The knowledge of Raziel being on Earth circulates amongst the Fallen and Demons – who all immediately concern themselves with finding her. She holds the one secret they are desperate to know; how to get back into Heaven. But they do not want redemption – they want revenge.


Basically, the novella is a fight to prevent a war between Heaven and Hell via keeping Raziel/Sophie out of Lucifer’s minions’ hands. With romance (and probably a sex scene). It may or may not be more than one book; at the moment I’ve only got one outline in my head.

If you are unaware of the Angel Raziel (some religions say he’s an Archangel and others disagree) – he is the Angel of Mysteries. The keeper of the secrets of God. He’s the angel that stands next to God’s throne and listens and holds all the divine secrets and earthly knowledge that God speaks. He wrote everything down in a book called “The Book of Raziel” or “Sefer Raziel HaMalakh” – going Kabbalistic with his story (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_of_Raziel). After Adam and Eve were “polietly dismissed” from the Garden of Eden, Raziel took sympathy on them and gave them his book so they could better understand God and hopefully be redeemed. The other angels got pissed and tossed the work of art into the ocean (where presumably Poseidon could snatch that shit and become even more all-knowing). But, in the religious writings, Raziel is not punished like in my story. So many years later, the book washes up on shore where Enoch (eventually ascends to Archangel Metatron) picks it up and feels the egotistical need to add in his own knowledge. Somehow, Archangel Raphael gets a hold of the book and passes it on to Noah to help him with building the ark, how to round up the animals and create new lives. After that, the book somehow gets to King Solomon, but I haven’t bothered to researched that far yet. I’ve heard so much about Noah all my life in my Christian upbringing, that my attention span shortens and I start playing Angry Birds as soon as I read something on him.

Wow, I rambled a bit. Let’s end this post already. My story of Raziel is very much in the making and I shall be posting up snippets soon enough. I hope people are actually interested in this.


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