Absolutely Frivolous

Under this wonderful page, I’ll start adding subpages containing random bullshit that pops in my head and I wrote down. This is mainly short stories, or random scenes from some future novella of mine. Stories ranging from my failed horror plots to possibly an eye-popping sexy time scene (if you ask nicely). Basically, scenes and/or stories that I find awesome enough to share, but not awesome enough to be much more than what it is; a frivolous bunch of words.

Frivolous is a great word, by the way. Fun to say, just rolls right off the tongue…

The Last Phone Call
That is a short scene I actually used in a zombie role play, but I’m fairly certain it may be integrated into my story somewhere. For the anal ones; it doesn’t give away anything from my overall zombie story. Just a short little scene.
Vampire in Progress
Literally what the title is. A vampire story in progress – once again an excerpt from a role play I started a couple years back modified. This is a possible beginning to a vampire story I have stuck in my head.



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