Lez Begin~

There comes a time in every woman’s life where she must find something that makes her feel important. Something she can boast about, and pretend that she is the best of that particular “thing”. Well, I’m doing no such thing. I just feel the need and want to have more people read my writings and give me advice/criticism/etc. So, my Wonder Twin screamed; “… A BLOG!” and is currently rocking the hell out of it.

Check it out, my lovelies–

::distant manic cackle::


Anyways, there’s a couple of pages and my zombie story’s prologue is up at the moment. You can either click “Zombies, Bitches” and get to read over a little, brief ramble about my story, or click “Prologue” and dive on in. I’ll be adding more pages, updating zombies as I write it and possibly toss up something from my angel/demon story soon. Must proofread the hell out of that one, though. Feel free to leave comments wherever you want/can – suggestions and constructive criticism is demanded in the most modest of forms.

Oh, and if you deem my writings worthy – share the fuck away.



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